Interested in working on one of our ships?

Our ships sail from April until November on the rivers Rhine and Moselle for British guests and have a total capacity between 80 and 130 passengers. Knowledge of the English language is required. Employment on one of our ships necessitates being away from home longer than is normal. Usually you work 6 weeks consecutively and then you have a week off. The crew work and live on board and we provide accommodation and all meals. If possible, we will invite you for a job interview where we will give you all the necessary information.

Next are the job descriptions. If you’re interested in one of the jobs, please send us an e-mail with resume to jobs&

Nautical crew

The captain is head of the nautical department and responsible for the maintenance and
the security on board. The captain is also responsible for the work schedules of the
sailors and supervises the execution of the work assignments.
Works closely with the Cruise Manager on board.
A Rhine patent to Basle is a requirement.

The sailors are responsible for the maintenance and nautical work on board
A sailor’s certificate is required.

Night Watch
The night watch is responsible for the safety of passengers and crew during the night.
Every hour, the night watch checks the security of the entire ship.
Also responsible for some light domestic work, as required.

Hotel crew

Responsible for the preparation and presentation of all meals on board (breakfast/lunch/dinner).
This also includes the meals of the crew.
Is also responsible for the purchase of food, the menus and the cleanliness of the kitchen.

Kitchen assistant
Assists the chef with his or her work. Is also able to work independently.

Waiter / Waitress
Responsible for serving the meals (breakfast/lunch/dinner) in the restaurant including laying and clearing the tables. Also included in the duties is keeping the restaurant clean

Bartender / Lady Bartender
Responsible for serving the drinks in the bar/lounge and also during lunch and dinner in the restaurant. Also responsible for tidying up the bar, lounge and coffee pantry

Responsible for cleaning and maintaining the cabins and corridors.
During lunch and dinner, the chambermaids assist in the kitchen with the washing up.